vestido verona tul crudo

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$ 799,90
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El vestido Verona nos evoca a otra época. Confeccionado con varias capas de tejido de algodón, plumetti y tul color crudo. Manga al codo de tul que remata en volante y detalle de bandas de tul sobre los hombros. Sencillez en las formas y mimo en los acabados artesanales.

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We prepare a careful and exclusive design in each garment. Handcrafted finishes and the perfect accessories: floral crowns, romantic layers. Everything you need to make the day unforgettable.

This is the new ceremony proposal that Nanos presents for the most important day of the little ones. Nanos by hand.

Charming models in various lines and styles.

A vintage with rich finishes in lace, sleeves with capelines in a romantic key, bands in powdered tones, vaporous fabrics, tulle, voile.

Empire court dresses, with simpler lines, French sleeves with simple ruffles in classic fabrics: mikados, plumeti chiffons.

Also sailor suits in current key, rustic linen jackets, mao shirts for more casual looks.

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