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At Nanos, we care about the state of the world that we are going to leave to the smallest of the house and therefore we work to be able to offer you products that respect the natural balance of our planet.

This commitment starts from the origin of the fabrics, always looking for high-quality materials that are also respectable with the planet, going through the small details that identify Nanos clothes such as buttons, zippers, ties... until the end when these garments reach your homes.

We work with suppliers who share our vision, who are environmentally and socially aware. That is why we take into account the origin of the materials offered to us to make our collections.

These are certified in GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard, recognized around the world as the standard for textiles made from certified organically produced raw materials. It includes strict environmental and social criteria for operations throughout the entire textile supply chain.

It is a product certification, which means that finished products that claim to be GOTS certified must meet all GOTS criteria.

Furthermore, all facilities involved in the production of such goods must be certified. The certification is carried out by an independent body approved by GOTS and the facilities are inspected periodically. This certification covers all stages from field to fashion.

Regarding the ornaments:

Our main suppliers of buttons are certified in the Global Recycled Standard thanks to the use of recycled polyester that is leftover from production processes and that they recover through their own REECO® process.

We also use in the manufacturing of products:

  • Recycled: Buttons produced with REECO® recycled polyester
  • Organic: Natural materials used to make buttons and accessories such as bone, coconut, mother of pearl, beech, leather, and horn.
  • Ecological: Resulting from mixing natural product shavings such as paper shavings, straw, and sawdust with natural resins.

We also are making improvements reducing the use of plastic when packing your orders, that is why our shipments are plastic-free.

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